A Quark in Cosmos


My name is Pooja and I’m a CPD certified Fitness Trainer. Besides fitness, I also like to read about latest research in Science and Technology. And this is my personal knowledge basecamp where I scribble down my thoughts all around Robotics, Space, Ecology, Scientific Research and Future technologies.

I’m a bibliophile and enjoy reviewing books. You can find them here: Book Reviews

Creative people inspire me, I end up taking their interviews so that I can fuel my creative impulse. Please find the vault here: Interviews

I’m a vegan, also into yoga, meditation and marathons.

Currently, I’m helping my friends building three very interesting products:

innovegics DOT com

Bakehoney DOT com

Verdancyvibes DOT in

Before that, I was working for Citizen Media Private Limited (InstaMedia) as Content iMarketing Head (8 years).

Followed by sabbatical for one year.

Then I started doing couple of freelance projects as a Project Manager for:

Mobileads DOT com

Mopress DOT io


Academically, I have 3 Master’s degrees and 1 MPhil degree under my belt:

  • Master of English Literature
  • Master of Mass Communication
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Postgraduate research Masters (M Phil) in English Literature with thesis “Feminism in the works of Margaret Atwood”

Scientific literature has always fascinated me and lately I have completed two online courses on Neuroscience and Insulin via Udemy.


Social footprints

I’m on Twitter, Quora, Goodreads and LinkedIn. 

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Thanks for stopping by 🙂