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Hello! My name is Pooja Kashyap and I’m living in New Delhi, India.


This is a personal web space, dedicated to our opinions on recent discoveries and researches in the field of Robotics, Futuretech, Ecology, Space, Health and Interviews. Technology enthralls me, especially when I witness how it is changing our lives, our thought process and how we interact with it. How we are sailing ahead in the oceanic world of tech is what I’m excited about.

From Computer Illiteracy to Blogging:

Back in 2006, life gave me an opportunity to work with a content based startup (my first job that is), started by Ankit Maheshwari and this made ‘all the difference’. I was naïve when it came to computers and internet, especially blogging but Ankit decided to take a chance.

Being into content based startup, my first job was to work as a writer, as the venture grew, we as a company thought of initiating various new projects and I was offered to  work/ kick start the new processes.  Right from Blogging, Citizen Journalism, Advertising, Human Resource, Event Management, iMarketing to name a few, he pushed me in gaining new grounds and creating momentum to the various processes as and when required. I thoroughly enjoyed all the tasks bestowed upon me. All this gave an altogether a different and challenging perspective towards the internet.

After taking 10 months sabbatical leave, I have decided to come up with this web-blog. My aim is to keep track of discoveries and researches in the field of technology as a whole and also to connect with the like minded bloggers to gain new insights and experiences.

Besides Blogging, I’d like to read books, my fav authors are:

  • Margaret Atwood
  • Robin Cook
  • Ann Rynd
  • Ivan Alexandrovich  Goncharov

Listen music, I like:

  • Amy Lee
  • Chris Daughtry
  • Adele
  • Breaking Benjamin
  • Yanni

Other facts about me:

  • Early mornings, I discuss dreams than wishing good morning to my pals
  • I still wave to the airplanes from my balcony
  • I am trying to learn css and html myself (online that is)
  • I am always humming whenever am malling 

3 things I’d like to do before I die:

  • Master guitar
  • Fly a plane
  • Visit space

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Bonjour! I am Neha Shukla, and I am contributing to this site from Noida, India.

I am a travel freak and an amateur photographer. Love deserts as much as snow, winter mornings and cooking for my family. Friends are my lifeline and I can always take out time for them over a coffee.

When I’m not seeing friends or not cooking, part of me is busy thinking or writing for my next project. I love to read and write about ecology, health and robotics. New discoveries make me delight to see how science is changing our life for good. However, it even saddens me when I see what we have done to our planet Earth.

Currently, I am excited to collaborate with TechieTonics and looking forward to work with like minded people and like them open to new learning.

My favorite music would be:

  • Bollywood songs
  • Owl City
  • Creed
  • Enrique Iglesias

Other facts about me:

  • The kid inside me Still enjoy watching Tom and Jerry show
  • Love eating ice cream in chilly winter night
  • Shopping cheers me up
  • Winning a pillow fight gives me the feeling of triumph

Things I would love to do before I die:

  • Want to go on a world tour
  • Try sky diving and as well as underwater diving
  • Safari in Masai Mara

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Thank you for stopping by & Happy Blogging 🙂


If you have questions, feel free to contact us, our email id is techietonicsgoessocialATgmailDOTcom