9 Industry Applications for EPE Foam


Expanded polyethylene foam or EPE, is an original largest production plastic. It is mainly used for its cushioning and shock proofing capabilities. The foaming material can easily be recycled therefore it is not hazardous for environment.

Since it’s a durable material, it is widely used cross industries, some of them are:

  • Mattresses: Mattress industry is replacing coir with EPE foam sheets. The foam sheets works best for people suffering for orthopedic back pain. its other factors includes, it cheap, affordable and can easily be customized.
  • Packaging: Epe foam is used as a substitution for thermocol packaging. Electronics, glass, ceramics, handicrafts and surgical equipment require delicate handling. Epe foam comes as a very handy tool when it comes to packaging.
  • Insulation: EPE’s have low thermal conductivity. This gives it an upper edge for good insulation. Hence, EPE rolls and insu-tubes are used for insulation of windows, AC tubes, industrial chillers, cold storage including refrigerated vans and industrial refrigerators.
  • Automobiles: It is because of its capability to withstand recurring deformations and yet retain its dimensions and cushioning capacity it is widely used in automobile industry. In automobiles, its highly demanding areas are top of roofs, front side including engines and bonnets. Cabin, door panels, seat linings, inner floor mats including AC insulation all the internal car areas are covered with epe foam.
  • Construction: It is used in areas that require moisture resistance and heat & thermal insulation applications. Water proofing of terraces/roofs, wrapping around foundation walls, false ceilings, noise proofing and structural glazing are some of construction areas that make use of epe foam.
  • Sports: sports require a lot of practice sessions. And epe foam comes in as an extremely handy, reliable and portable material cross any sports. Be it wrestling, judo, gymnastics, kick boxing, taekwondo, jogging exercise mats, gears/ cushioning for arms, legs, knees, cushioning for helmets, sleeping bags, ski belts, life saving jackets everywhere, epe foam is used as padding material for reducing impact.
  • In house: It is one of the most sought after material that is used for child proofing homes especially where toddlers are adventurous by nature. It is used in carpet underlay, cushioning table corners, steps, railings and other edgy/pointed surfaces.
  • Toys, shoes & apparels: Epe foam not only gives comfortable and soft grasp of toys for kids. It also, helps them in preventing self-injury incase kids scratch themselves by mistake. The foam also contributes in shoes, swimming tubes for kids and adults both, caps, gloves etc. Leather jackets and picnic as well as garden mats comes in with epe foam itself.
  • Travel equipments: The product is equally reliable for luggage and leather bag linings. Delicate jewelry stays safe and without any scratch or wear and tear as the jewellery boxes are cushioned with the epe foam. Floppy disk mailers and foam floaters for effluent treatment plants and distilleries both make an extensive use of epe foam.

EPE foam is the most versatile foam products in the market. Its multiple uses for different variation makes it one of the most sought after material around the globe.