DARPA’s Guided Bullets: Revolutionizing Rifle Accuracy or Developing Tools for RoboSoldiers


In an interesting ammunition research development program, DARPA has come about with a technology that could change mid flight direction of bullet only to hit the target down.

Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance program under DARPA brought about the first live-fire tests showing the in-flight guidance of .50-caliber bullets. EXACTO is able to demonstrate the maneuvering of bullet’s direction while it’s in mid flight only to counter balance the aim that is being set by the sniper. Agency released the following video depicting the test flight of 0.50-caliber bullets that were being ‘under guidance’.

The direct projectiles are being tracked by real-time optical guidance system along with the innovatively designed ammunition especially fabricated by the EXACTO program. With this breakthrough, the team envisions to compensate for rough weather, unfamiliar terrains, wind movement, moving target and external factors that might otherwise hinder successful hits.

DARPA’s EXACTO program is definitely moving towards revolutionizing rifle accuracy by assisting military snipers during unfavorable and dusty environments. It surely is a boon for military paraphernalia provided the technology does not go in the wrong hands.

Another important point worth considering is, since DARPA is involving more and more robots in the war zone so it’s expected that the technology might morph as a tool in the hands of these machines. Soon is to be seen.

Source: DARPA

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