Induction-charging Stations into Home Furnishings: Smart Homes

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Say no to cable mess, especially when charging gizmos. IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer will be hitting the shelves with an innovative range of furniture that has come with induction-charging stations. It is part of their new “Home Smart” plan. Keeping in view with the futuristic appeal, now the furniture owners would seamlessly charge their smartphones wirelessly.

Assortment of the ultramodern furniture consists of lamps, bedside tables, and desks. IKEA has developed the charging pad in collaboration with Qi wireless power technology, which means, gizmos that come with Qi technology would only be compatible with the furniture products as of now.

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This is good news for Google Nexus’s latest handsets, HTC, Samsung and Nokia but not for iPhones since they do not have an embedded Qi technology. However, IKEA is looking forward to launch a series of cases that can make them compatible.

Currently, the availability of wireless charging range is limited to UK stores nevertheless the IKEA too will be displaying the same by mid-April, 2015.

With these furniture embedded wireless chargers, charging cords would become obsolete but what about the surplus yet waste heat that it might generate. Would it still remain under line of providing sustainable life at home, I wonder.

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