Musk unveils ‘the D’: Model S Dual Motor is Super Fast


The much-awaited Musk’s Tesla Model S Dual Motor (D) is finally unveiled. The beast has four-wheel drive (4WD) along with a second motor for enhancing the extra axle at the rear. This helps in propelling the car from zero to 97 km/h in mere 3.2 seconds.

The electronic machine system tosses torque between the front and rear wheels from one millisecond to the next hence perking up on both, the grip on territory as well as energy efficiency. With an aim of outperforming gasoline-powered cars, the new Model S delivers 100% of peak torque from a standing start. Upon single charge, the machine can roar up to 443 km, this happens to be 3.7% more than the standard model.

Autopilot functionality

Each Tesla car is packaged with a self-driving equipment and the cars are crammed up with ultrasound range finding system with a long range of nearly 360 degrees coverage at all speeds. In addition to a forward faced camera and digitally managed electric assist braking system.

The vehicle is enveloped with sensors from all sides, which will make it automatically adjust speed in case the car ‘senses’ let’s say a dog or a child at its periphery.

Along with this, Tesla is offering forward-looking radar and cameras for identifying stop signs, systems employing sensor data for avoiding collisions and keeping the car in lane, but isn’t it similar to the already existing Mercedes system?

Source: Tesla Motors

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