Budgee Bot Likes To Carry Packages & Bags


Shopping is always good but becomes cumbersome when there happens to be a load of bags or to navigate trolleys across a rush. Pushing trolleys is not only weighty but at times, creates inconvenience to others as well. However, Five Elements Robotics has come out with a simple problem to ease this issue.

They have named the solution, Budgee. A cute and autonomously driven bot that’ll hold items while talking behind the person. It is so portable that it can be operated in shopping malls, parks, home, offices etc..

The architecture consists to two wheels, a basket for holding stuff and bump sensor & cliff sensors. Navigation system isn’t that complex either, just a small ultrasonic pinger into your pocket, that’s all. Communication is done via cellular apps. Amazingly easy and straightforward.

The robot can carry up to 22 kgs of weight and when the task is done, the bot can be wrapped up into a package weighing just 2 kgs. A best gift one could ever get. It is still in prototype stage but the launch is somewhere around mid-November, till then wait and watch.

Source: 5elementsrobotics

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