Global WiFi Soon Directly From the Orbit: The Outernet Project


Within a year, prototype satellites would be deployed in orbit to broadcast free internet data across the globe. New York’s Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) is bankrolling the project, called the “Outernet”.

CubeSat, a miniaturized satellite is expected to launch around Jan next year provided the prototype, which is being sent to space this June works well. Soon enough Earth would be encircled with such tiny satellites that would be sending internet signals back to Earth and then there would be no such thing called the censored web, as is the case with China and N. Korea.

MDIF President Peter Whitehead said that the idea is to support the access of knowledge to all and hence, it is a basic right of all the individuals to receive the flow of information and news. This would cultivate transparency, thus giving a thriving society. For instance, scenarios where there happens to be a failure of local cell networks, MDIF would like to help by sending out vital information like news, educational courseware, free applications and emergency info. Although initially, the network is one way but later with enough funding, researchers would like to make it a two-way communication.

Syed Karim, MDIF’s director claims that technologically it is not a tricky business but there is a high probability from the telecom end of closing it down. However, they are prepared to give a stiff fight asserted Karim.

Image: AAUsatlab

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